Japanese-to-English game translation, editing, writing, and content creation by Andrew Echeverria

Howdy! I'm Andrew Echeverria.

I'm a freelance Japanese-to-English translator and editor based in Osaka, Japan with over half a decade of experience. I occasionally translate for the tourism and tech industries, but I specialize in entertainment media; mainly in game localization. You can view my past work and portfolio here.

On top of running the multi-platform horror narrative Kowai High and its various channels, you can usually find me talking about localization, my latest (non-NDA muzzled) projects, and all things horror-related on Twitter.

For project inquiries, feel free to contact me here.

Why YAIAAC (You And I As A Constellation)?

A few years before graduating from university, I played in a post-rock "side project" with my friends in the band A Hope For Home. I came up with the moniker "You And I As A Constellation" [title case sic] to use as our name.

Though short-lived, our sessions eventually evolved into songs on AHFH records, such as "Nightfall," the opening track on their album Realis.

I continue to use the moniker YAIAAC to harness the joy and creativity of those times in the professional work I do to this day.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (Lionbridge, 2020-Ongoing) - Translator/Editor

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights (Impetus, 2020-Ongoing) - Translator

Confidential Project (Dragonbaby) - Translator

Confidential Project (Lionbridge) - Translator/Editor

Confidential Project (Lionbridge) - Translator/Editor

Fate/EXTRA Record (Impetus) - Editor (Teaser Site Text Only)

Confidential Project (Dragonbaby) - Translator

Confidential Project (Lionbridge) - Translator/Editor

Confidential Project (Keywords) - Translator

Phantasy Star Online 2 (Lionbridge, 2019-2020) - Translator/Editor

Last Cloudia (Lionbridge) - Translator/Editor

PixelJunk Eden 2 (Lionbridge) - Editor (System Text)

Tales of Crestoria (Lionbridge) - Translator

Kana Quest (Impetus) - Editor

2015 - 2018
Various Manga
Various Tourism/Tech/Web Translation

For business inquiries, project rates, (or even just to chat), feel free to contact me anytime via:

Email: yaiaac@gmail.com

Twitter: @DigDugpa